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Want to Launch Your Own Online Music Distribution Business?

Music has been one of the most primary sources of entertainment for ages. Years ago vinyls, radios and cassette tapes ruled the music industry both domestically and internationally. Artists were limited to producing content through production houses and they had to rely on expensive instruments to make content their content available on such devices in bulk.

With the advancement in technology, the sources of listening to music have significantly evolved but the love for music hasn’t changed for ages. Nowadays people own various digital assets like laptops, tablets, and smartphones for accessing serves they desire.

Very recently fans have started using websites to view, browse through, and listening to music of their choice. Hence, music producers have begun producing content for their person music distribution websites. These days, music websites are very popular among listeners of all ages due to the convenience they provide in listening to the music. To listen to the music on these websites a typical user would simply need a device that can launch a browser and a good internet connection.

Music distribution websites are now earning their popularity among the fans. What is the reason for this trend? Here are few facts that best describe why that is the case:

  • Users can access music at anytime from anywhere as long as they have a device and an internet connection.
  • The sound quality of online music is generally better than the music stored on CDs.
  • Music distribution websites don’t take up space on the users’ hard drives or consumes too much of memory on their devices
  • Music websites allow users to browse through a vast selection of music, from which they can then select and listen to the media in any genre they prefer.
  • Users can also create their favorite music lists on the website.
  • Users stay aware of new releases and can stay up-to-date with the latest trends.
  • New artists have a better chance at making profits off their creations due to the speed at which they can reach out to their fans.

That are some of the most popular Music Distribution Websites and Apps?

Currently, there are thousands of Music distribution channels online as the demand for music websites is increasing as time passes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular websites and apps:

  1. Pandora
  2. Yahoo Music
  3. SoundCloud
  4. Spotify
  5. Myspace
  6. iHeart
  7. TuneIn
  8. AllMusic
  9. Jango

What are the types of Business Model of Music Distribution Websites?

In the market there are three types of Music Business models. Let’s discuss all of them in brief:

1. Streaming Model:

The Streaming Music websites offer consumers to listen to online music from anywhere at any time without downloading the content on their devices. This is one of the most popular trends of music distribution among the artists at this time.

The perfect example of such a streaming model is Spotify.

2. Direct for fan Model:

This type of music model exists for the artists who can publish their own music or band content in video or audio formats. As for the revenue in such a model, artists can limit user accessibility to some of the most premium pieces of content.

The perfect example of direct for fan model is Bandcamp.

3. Membership Model:

This model is another variation of the direct for fan model. In this music listeners have to purchase subscription for accessing music of their favorite artists.

The perfect example of such a membership model is Patreon.

How can an Artist Monetize such a Distribution Website?

As you noticed, distribution websites in the music industry are in high demand in today’s market as they make it very simple for listeners to access all types of music by simply visiting such online platforms. Publishers of such music websites and apps also monetize their websites to generate revenue. How is this possible?

Following are some of the most popular ways of earning money by publishing on such platforms:

  • Premium Services can be introduced within the websites or the app, where consumers have to pay a certain dollar amount to access the premium content and in some cases download the content onto their devices too.
  • Subscription Fees can be collected from the listeners to listen to certain most popular artists. Publishers and creators can tailor the experiences they provide to their fans and especially those who subscribe and pay such fees.
  • Display Ads of third party websites, products, services, and apps are one of the best ways to monetize music listening services. Users who listen to music for free do not mind listening to or viewing ads of other products and services as long as they get to listen to their favorite songs or browse through their favorite genres.

What are some of the key features of popular Music Websites?

Here I am going to list down some of the basic features which are a must in every music website:

  • Functionality for users to login or sign-up on the website
  • Home page, where there is a description of the artist, his music career, and his passions
  • Latest music listings created by the artist
  • Functionality to search music within the page by applying various filters
  • A web page dedicated to the collection of music videos created by the artist
  • A web page intended to display all the recordings generated by the artist
  • Integration with Social Media apps and websites and links to visit social media pages of the artist
  • Blog page, where the artist can post articles about new content he or she is working on and some of the trends he or she is following
  • Payment options and gateways for users to subscribe to premium content and subscription model
  • Contact page, through which public relations can be made possible

Is there any good in launching your own Music Distribution Website in the market today?

Yes, because the demand for music is always going to increase as time passes. If you are an artist, a creator, or a producer, and thinking of launching your own website then go for it. The only thing you need to take care of is – offer something different or unique to your users that makes you stand apart in the industry.

As we discussed, there are many ways you can monetize your offerings and earn money by launching your latest creations in the marketplace.

What does it cost to develop a Music Website?

The cost of developing such a website or an app primarily depends upon the following:

  • Time spent on designing the core features and functionalities. More the features, the higher the cost.
  • The number of required features within the website. As an example, a website that simply shows a creator’s portfolio would cost less than a website that provides a facility to listen to music and view ads.
  • The language or technology used for creating your website. Based on your needs and the tailored requirements, the technology necessary to develop a website can change.
  • The number of pages your website needs to contain at the minimum.
  • The amount of experience the developers have designing and creating websites similar to yours’.

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