Our Process

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We take an idea from scratch and transform it into the most magnificent piece of art.


Requirements Gathering

We sit together with our clients during our one-on-one sessions over audio/video conferences, we listen to their needs, and then re-iterate the ideas until we have a great looking napkin drawing in hand.



In this phase, we design the User Interface of the software application and add a palate full of colors and shapes. Our focus is always on creating features, functionalities, and user experiences the end clients of our application desire.



We consider each and every detail of the designs and transform them into a functioning application as per the client needs. We follow an Agile approach in developing our software. We also provide regular updates to our clients and release the software in small iterations.


Software Delivery

During the Agile software development efforts, we release small iterations of the software to our clients and let them test the application on their own. If bugs are found, we would happily fix them as needed. We also offer a continuous support to our clients after the deployment.


Quality Assurance

No software product ever gets released without a thorough regression testing performed by our team. Traditionally, quality assurance performs manual and automation testing on the application. However, we also perform scenario based testing of our application within our team in real-time. If we find any defects during this testing phase, we would spare additional efforts in resolving these bugs.

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