How to Introduce an app like Hotstar or Netflix?

How to Introduce An App Like Hotstar or Netflix?

In the present time, Mobile apps have become the most popular entertainment platform. As today’s generation is more inclined towards apps for fulfilling their needs like doing shopping, food ordering, booking services and many more. The same thing is applied to the entertainment industry, people are now referring to mobile apps like Hotstar and Netflix for entertainment.

Hotstar and Netflix are the two most popular video streaming apps. This kind of app allows users to watch videos or movies from any place at anytime only a good internet connection is required. Users can also download the videos and access them offline1.

Facts and figures about Video streaming apps :

  • The Video streaming app market is growing with a 40% growth year on year basis.
  • The video streaming market is estimated to be worth over $125 billion USD by 2025.
  • An average user spends 40 hours per week watching video content.
  • 70% of users believe that traditional TV does not offer a good quality of content.


Hotstar is one of the most popular video streaming apps which is launched in 2014 by Star India which is owned by The Walt Disney company. Hotstar is a popular app that offers services like TV shows, Live News, Movies, live score of sports and many more.

Hotstar allows the user to play, pause, forward, rewind the video, so you can watch their favourite shows as many times as the user wants. Hotstar is a free application and can be easily accessible on TV, Desktop, Android, IOS, Mac, Tablets.


Netflix is an American media service provider and its head headquarter is located in Los Gatos California. Netflix is founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.Netflix is a video streaming app that allows the user to watch a wide variety of Tv shows, Movies, Documentaries and many more things.

With Netflix Subscription, Users can enjoy unlimited ad-free Video content. In Netflix, there is always something new to discover because new TV shows and movies are added every month. Netflix has more entertainment than you could ever possibly watch.

Is Launching an Entertainment app like Netflix or Hotstar is beneficial for you?

Yes, as we have discussed earlier, Netflix or Hotstar video streaming apps are in high demand for entertainment. Nowadays. People are more dependent on this kind of app for entertainment because using this kind of video streaming apps are easy and the user can access it anywhere at any time.

You can also earn money by launching an app like Netflix or Hotstar as this kind of app also helps in generating revenue, Let’s know How Netflix or Hotstart make money?

  • By launching the premium or subscription model. If a user wants unlimited access to the services then he/she can buy the premium app.
  • By doing an advertisement for other services.
  • By creating the feature list of TV shows and movies.

What are the basic features of a video streaming app like Netflix or Hotstar?

The Video Streaming app generally consists of two main panels:

  1. User Panel
  • User can easily set up their account by adding a name, e-mail address, age and basic details.
  • Home screen, which displays the Topmost TV shows and upcoming movies.
  • Categorized data of Tv shows and movies.
  • Users can use the search bar for searching the movie by using various filters.
  • Multi-Language support.
  • Users can add the videos to the watch list.
  • Multi-screen and screen mirroring services
  • Users can also download videos or movies and access them offline.
  • Push notification for any new update.
  • Privacy and security
  • Social media integration.
  • Users can buy and access premium or subscription services.
  • Users can like, review and comment on the videos.
  1. Admin Panel
  • User Profile management
  • Feature list management
  • Ads management
  • Subscription and premium services management
  • Reviews and comments management
  • Report generation for the weekly, monthly analysis.

How much Does it cost to develop a video streaming app like Netflix or Hotstar?

The cost of apps is highly depending on the requirements of the app launcher like the features you want to add, the design, the app platform(Android, IOS or both) and many more things.

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