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Entertainment Websites and App Ideas

Entertainment is a very important factor in today’s world for the people. As per the current hectic and busy schedule of the people, for a short break, they refer the entertainment like listening to music, movies, web series and many more things which boosts the energy to come back with more enthusiasm.

Due to the growth of digitalization in this present time, there is various online path of entertainment and for that, the only requirement is a desktop or smartphone with a good internet connection.

Nowadays it really easy for people to get entertainment because now it is easy to access entertainment services online at any time and from anywhere. Below I am listing the advantages of entertainment:

  • Entertainment Relieve Stress
  • Entertainment provides employment to various people as the entertainment industry is known as one of the largest employers.
  • Entertainments promote talent and Creativity.
  • Entertainments nurture and maintain the culture.

As per the survey, nowadays people highly visit the play store or app store and search engine (Google)  when they feel bored and looking for some entertainment apps or websites which helps them to light up their mood and entertain them.

People are now choosing the digital path for entertainment so entertainment providers are also now moving towards the online or digital platform. Digital entertainment platforms also help in generating profits by monetizing the app or by providing subscription services.

If you are an entertainer and then here are some best websites and app ideas that you can launch for entertaining and reach as many people you can through this online platform:

  1. Personal Website 

Personal Websites are an individual portfolio of an Entertainer(Person). Basically, a Personal website is a group of web pages that contains the basic information or details of themselves.

Having a personal website helps you to Stand out differently from your competitors. A personal website is a platform where you can easily show your talent and expertise easily.

Personal websites ideas for Actors, actresses, Photographers and other entertainers.

  1. IMDb like Website or App

If you are thinking of launching a website or app in the market or thinking of starting a startup then you can think of launching an app like IMDb(Internet Movie Database).

IMDb is an online database that provides the overall information related to movies, TV series, TV programs, Streaming online content and home videos.IMDb also allows the user to watch the trailers of the films or Series.

You can think of launching an online platform like IMDb.

  1. Film Location App

As the name suggests, the film location app provides the location details to the user. The purpose of the app is to provide information about the location where past movies or TV series are shot.

The film location App has a list of the locations with the specific movie and TV series name. This app is really helpful for movie or TV Series directors who are looking for a shot location for their upcoming projects.

  1. Music Streaming Websites and App

Music streaming websites and apps are also a part of the entertainment as for some people listening to music is entertaining. So as a Startup you can also launch Music streaming websites and apps like Spotify and Gaana.

Music Streaming websites and apps are used for listening to the latest online songs. Introducing live music streaming websites and apps is also beneficial.

  1. Website and App for Audition management

Websites and app ideas for Audition management is launched for making the work easy for movie or TV series directors and casting team. In this platform, they can easily post or update the Audition details with the role details.

New Commer or Actor and Actress can easily check the post for the requirement and details of Audition and apply for it.

  1. Website and Apps like Netflix and Hotstar

As an Entertainment Startup, you can also go for a website and app like Netflix or Hotstar. These two are the Video Streaming platform, which is generally used for watching movies and TV series.

Introducing online platform like Netflix and Hotstar are profitable to you because at this present time this type of app is in high demand.

  1. Website and App like Book my Show

The Websites and apps like Book my Show are in the highest demand. Why? Because this kind of app provides the platform for online movie tickets booking.

So you can also think of launching a platform like a book my show where movie theatres can list down their movie show with the time and price, Users can check the show details and book the tickets.

  1. Apps like Tiktok and Dubsmash

Video Editing apps like Tiktok and Dubsmash are some of the most trending platforms in this present time. The demands of this kind of video editing app are going to increase in the future.

  1. On-Demand websites and apps for requirements of Material for movies or TV series.

This kind of app is a marketplace platform where the wholesaler who is fulfilling the requirements of material for a movie or TV series can easily create their account and mention the details about the materials which they can provide.

The Movie or TV series team can post the requirement and check the profiles of service providers and connect with them easily.

As an admin, you only need to manage websites or apps.

  1. Model Management

Model Management app is only for the Show directors who are looking for Models for their Shows. In this platform, various models can create their profiles and list down their expertise. Show directors can post the details of the show and their requirements. Models can easily check the requirements and apply for an Audition.

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