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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Music Streaming Website and App?

Due to the evolvement of technology, things are now getting better with time. Today we are going to discuss the Music Streaming website and app and its popularity. Music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music and many more music streaming apps are in high demand in today’s market.

In earlier days, Whenever people want to listen to music they can directly download it from the web browsers. But now people are moving towards the Music streaming website and Mobile app because it provides the easy accessibility of music online path.

Music streaming website and app is now one of the best ways of listening to music online. Music streaming platform is not a new concept, people are accessing these services from the year 2000 from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Some Cool Facts and Figures about Music Streaming and its Revenue

  • In 2017, the revenue of the music streaming app is increased up to the US $6,637 million.
  • In 2018, there were 255 million users of paid subscription accounts registered globally.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 12.7 % that will result in a market share of US$10,691m in 2021.
  • From a global comparison perspective, it is shown that most revenue is generated in the United States.

Why Music streaming websites and Apps are popular?

People are migrating towards the music streaming website and app because :

  • Music streaming websites and apps are practical and portal:-By using this platform you can access music from anywhere and it makes your disk space free.
  • Music streaming platform offers a large and affordable selection of music. Users can easily access unlimited music by applying filters of genre and artist.
  • Music streaming websites and apps are always up to date. The user gets the automatic recommendation of their playlists and about the new releases.

If you are thinking of introducing an online platform from which you can also generate revenue then you can go for a music streaming website and mobile app. People access the music streaming platform from their homes, offices or from any other location where their device is connected to the internet.

This Music Streaming Website and app also help in generating revenue, so introducing this kind of platform is also beneficial for you. Let’s discuss, How Music streaming platforms generate revenue?

  • Music streaming platforms generate revenue by doing in-app advertisements.
  • Music streaming platform also offers a premium or subscription model.
  • Music Streaming website or app also offers users to buy music that they can easily store at their local memory.
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How do this Music Streaming Website and App work?

User can easily create their account on a Music streaming website or App. After setting up the account user can easily access the unlimited music list, Top release, Top Songs and users can also check to search their favourite artist by applying various filters. The only requirement is a good internet connection.

If User wants to access some of the advanced features then they can do the subscription or can buy the premium service. On the other hand, the Admin has all the rights to make changes to the website or app and can easily manage the platform.

What are the key features of a Music Streaming Website and App?

Page functionality of Music Streaming Websites:

  • Login/sign-in /sign up
  • Home page:-which suggest the Top songs and Top releases.
  • Search music by applying filters
  • Libraries:- which Contain you added playlists.
  • Social media login 
  • Premium model purchase
  • Help and Support

Features list of Music Streaming App:

Music streaming App mainly consists of Two Module:

  1. User Module
  • User can easily set up their account.
  • The home screen probably displays the Top releases and Top list of Songs.
  • Users can easily navigate the app and search for their favourite artist by using search and applying different-different filters.
  • Library:-Here users can collect their favourite music list for quick access.
  • Playlist:-User can easily create and manage their playlist.
  • Recommendation of music based on the user’s musical preferences.
  • If the user has purchased the premium model then he/she can also access the offline availability, which contains the downloaded song.
  • Push notification
  • Social media integration.
  1. Admin Module
  • Log in/Sign up module
  • User profile management
  • Music list management 
  • Premium features management.
  • Ads management 
  • Report generation

How much does it cost to develop a Music Streaming website and app?

The Cost of Music Streaming website and app is not fixed as it depends on your requirement and some of the factors like:

  • The Platform, Whether you want a Music Streaming website or mobile app or both.
  • The feature or functionality of the music streaming platform.
  • Technology (Android or IOS) or website frameworks.
  • Designing of platform
  • Developer’s experience.

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