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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Film Location App?

The world is digitizing, everything is now converted into the digital format. In this present time almost for everything, people are likely depending on the digital world because people find it comfortable to access the services by using the online platform and digitalization also make the work easier and more efficient.

So today we are going to discuss the film location app. As the name suggests this film location app is to provide the details of the location where a movie or TV series is shot. The app can provide overall information about the location and the movie details.

Why launch Film Location App?

Film location like platforms is in demand because this type of way makes the work easy for the directors and producers by providing a list of the best location for movie shooting. Film location app is very beneficial for the new commerce as they get easy suggestions for location based on the movie genre.

On the other side, this app is also for travelers or film lovers as they can easily explore the shooting location of their favourite movie.

Is it beneficial to launch a film location app?

Yes, it is beneficial to launch a film location app. In the market, there are very few apps available like a film location app and they are not much successful. So if you are thinking of introducing an online platform then you can go for a film location app.

Film location like app also helps you to generate revenue from it. Let’s discuss how to make money from a film location app:

  • By integrating ads or promoting other services at your platform.
  • By offering the subscription or premium model for accessing advanced features.
  • By offering paid services to the user where they can also add their favourite movie location.

What is the Basic feature of the Film Location app?

Film location like app mainly consists of two different modules.

  1. User Module

A module for the app user. This module displays the data of the movie with its location. Users can easily search for any movie location and can also access the advanced features by purchasing premium services.

Feature list of User Module:

  • The Sign up/sign-in panel
  • Log in via social media
  • Search bar and filters.
  • Top movie location suggestion
  • Categorized list of location-based on the genre
  • Map Integration
  • Push Notification for the newly added location
  • Help and support
  • Buy premium service.
  1. Admin Module

Admin module is for the person who is the owner of this app. Admin Module has access to all the services, Admin can easily add, update, delete and maintain the details of the location. 

Feature list of Admin Module:

  • Sign in/Sign up for a module.
  • User profile management
  • Location data management 
  • Verifying the location data.
  • Admin can add, update or delete the details.
  • Premium features management
  • Map integration
  • Payment management
  • Report generation and Analytics.

How much does it cost to develop a film location app?

The cost of the film location app depends on some of the elements:

  • App designing and development
  • Features and functionality you want to include in your app.
  • Technology( you want an app in Android, IOS or both).
  • The developer’s experience

And many more things.

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